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Disclaimer of liability

1. The content of this website

In no way does Carbon Terra guarantee that the information provided on this site is up to date, accurate, correct, complete or of high quality. Unless it can be proven that Carbon Terra has acted negligently or with malicious intent, all claims against Carbon Terra relating to damages – either material or immaterial – resulting from use or non-use of the information provided here, even if said information is incorrect or incomplete, are null and void. All offers made on this website are not legally binding and may be subject to change. Carbon Terra reserves the right to change, add to, delete, or stop publishing– both temporarily or permanently – parts or the whole of this site without any special previous mention or the need to give notice.

2. References and hyperlinks

In the case of direct or indirect links (hyperlinks) to other websites for whose content author has no editorial responsibility, liability is only accepted if it can be shown that Carbon Terra was aware of the content of the site linked to and that it would have been both technically possible and reasonable for Carbon Terra to prevent a third party from using information which stood in contravention to the law. Carbon Terra declares that at the time at which the hyperlinks in this site were included, there were no illegal contents visible on the website(s) linked to. Nevertheless Carbon Terra has no influence on the current or future content of the sites, nor on the identity of its copyright holders. For this reason, Carbon Terra makes clear that no responsibility can be accepted for the contents of the sites linked or otherwise referred to here inasmuch as they have been updated since the link in question was included. This exclusion of liability covers not only all links and references offered by Carbon Terra, but also all links and references in guest books, forum entries and mailing lists set up by Carbon Terra. Responsibility for illegal, erroneous or incomplete information, and especially liability for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such information on sites linked or otherwise referred rests with the third party offering said information, not with Carbon Terra. Carbon Terra simply refers to this information without having any influence on or liability for it.

3. Copyright, credits

Carbon Terra has made every effort to respect copyright in all graphics, sound files, videos and texts offered on this website inasmuch as such material is either produced by Carbon Terra, is not under copyright, or is licensed for use on this site. Further to this, all brands and trademarks mentioned on the site in all media may be owned and/or subject to licences and protection by third parties within whichever legal framework is applicable: the fact that these brands and trademarks may be mentioned on this site in no way detracts from ownership or legal rights to them. Copyright for material produced by Carbon Terra remains exclusively with Carbon Terra. There can be no reproduction or use of such graphics, sound files, videos or texts in either electronic or physical form without the express prior consent of Carbon Terra.

4. Data protection

Any offers to enter personal or commercial data on this site (e.g. e-mail addresses, names, postal addresses) are not obligatory and are made by the user of their own volition. Inasmuch as it remains technically feasible and reasonable to expect as much, this site can be used and its services paid for without needing to enter personal or commercial data, or can be used through a pseudonym or online identity. It is not permitted for third parties to use the contact details (postal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses) published in this legal note to send unsolicited information. We reserve the right to take legal action against any party who does so (e.g. senders of spam e-mails).

5. Legal validity

This disclaimer of liability is to be considered in the context of the website from which it is linked to. Even if individual passages of this text are not, are no longer, or are not completely legally valid, this shall have no effect on the rest of the document, the remainder of which shall remain legally valid. In such a case, Carbon Terra states intent to replace the invalid passages with provisions which are legally enforceable and to refrain from reusing or repeating the passage in question.


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