Soil Improvement

The benefits of biochar application to soil

The application of activated biochar to soils improves the water (including dissolved nutrients) reception and water holding capacity. As biochar is able to retain moisture, it helps plants to survive droughts more easily and encourages smooth, continuous growth. The application of activated biochar fosters the micro-bacterial activity and biodiversity wherever it is used as well as increasing the level of humus in soils and improving fertility year after year. Biochar stores nutrients, which can then be taken up by the roots, as and when the plants need them. Activated biochar can be used to improve agricultural soils, vineyards as well as in gardening. 



  • Improved water holding capacity
  • Increased soil aeration
  • Stimulated nutrient dynamic
  • Increased soil fertility by building up the humus layer
  • Stops nutrient leaching


Basic information on the use of biochar

  • Biochar is not a fertilizer and should not be applied pure to soils
  • Before applying biochar to soils it should be activated with organic nutrients
  • The activation with nitrogen can be done by mixing the biochar with dung, dreck or liquid manure. It is also possible to activate biochar with mineral fertilizer
  • Biochar should be activated with at least 1 % of nitrogen otherwise the flow of nutrients or plant growth can be disrupted in the first year of application


The application of activated biochar promises the biggest potential in low humus and sandy soils with regard to increasing soil fertility, water holding capacity and soil activity. In heavy soils activated biochar supports the soil aeration as well as preventing compaction and sealing of the soil. In humus rich and highly active soils the potential of biochar to increase fertility is very limited. Here, activated biochar could be applied in small amounts to support the process of composting. 


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