Energy Analysis

One Schottdorf-Meiler produces up to 2,0 t of biochar per day. This corresponds to a continuous thermal load of 700 kW. The gas has a continuous thermal load of 300 kW. Accordingly the Schottdorf-Meiler has a total power of 1 MW thermal. 

To produce 1,0 t of biochar around 3,0 t of biomass (2,0 t absolut dry biomass) input are required.


Energetic analysis per Schottdorf-Meiler (1):

INPUT BIOMASS per Schottdorf-Meiler
t / day 6,0 (= 4,0 tons absolut dry biomass)
t / year 2.000,0
t / day 2,0
t / year 700,0
kW (gas) 300,0
kWh / year (gas)  2.400.000,0
kW (gas + biochar) 1.000,0
kWh / year (gas + biochar) 8.000.000,0


(1) Note:
The specified energy analtisis is theoretical. The output of the Schottdorf Meiler depends on the biomass used, the purpose of the biochar as well as the relevant plant configuration. The values are to be determined individually and may vary from that shown output.