Biomass Conversion



No other biomass-conversion method is as flexible as the Schottdorf System. Only the Schottdorf-Meiler can process over 100 different kinds of biomass. The outcome quality of the Schottdorf Biochar depends on the pureness and character of the biomass-input. 

  • The biomass can be put directly into the kiln up to a moisture level of 40% - higher level of moisture can be reduced by process-heat
  • The biomass needs to be lumpy; otherwise it needs to be briquetted before being put into the kiln;
  • Depending on the type and quality of input biomass, the produced biochar can be applied for various purposes such as additive for feed, for soil improvement or as filter of waste water
The Schottdorf System is not dependent on biomass-inputs that could be used as food. To produce Schottdorf Biochar we solely rely on surplus biomass that is available locally. We do not cut down forests and are not degrading biodiversity by relying on biomass inputs from monocultures.