The Schottdorf System

Every Schottdorf System consists of at least one Schottdorf-Meiler, one gas burner, one steam turbine as well as one power generator.

The Schottdorf-Meiler at the heart of the Schottdorf System is in principal based on a 5.000 year old technology, known as colliery. We reinvented it and improved the Schottdorf-Meiler continually over the last 10 years. Besides the Schottdorf-Meiler in its 9th generation as of May 2012, only the most proven and robust vendors are used to complete the Schottdorf System.




Configuration options

Several Schottdorf kilns built one functioning unit. They are always placed in a row and therefore the biomass as well as the gas can be transported through gathering lines for each row. The Schottdorf kiln plant for producing biochar and energy essentially comprises a basic module which can be multiplied by any number and which can therefore be expanded accordingly. Each basic module consists of 4, 8 or 16 Schottdorf kilns and a downfire combustion chamber, which can be used to produce steam, warm water and hot air, depending on how the thermal energy is used. When using a steam generator, this is combined with a steam turbine for a power generation of up to a maximum of 1,2 mWel.

Due to the technical requirements of the combustion of gas and the utilization of the steam generated, the use of a downfire combustion chamber with hot steam generation from each of the 4-16 Schottdorf kilns is one base model used to provide steam for one steam turbine to produce electrical energy.


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